The Paso Fino - elegant and versatile

Whether the ultra-short Classic Fino or a flying Paso Largo, the Paso Fino horse always is an outstanding experience for both rider and onlooker. He demonstrates his unbelievable versatility not only in the showring and the arena, but also every day through trail and endurance riding, western riding and in general as a willing, sure-footed, well-sized and easy to ride Pleasure horse. Not only in the U.S. are Paso Finos often used as mounts for riders with back problems and therapeutical riding. They vary in talend and temperament are quite big so everyone will find his perfect match.

Those who - besides trail riding and many other fun activities - also want to show their Paso Fino horses can find many options to do so at the shows organized by the PFAE (=Paso Fino Association Europe - There is at least one show per year, often even more. Every second year the European Championships for Paso Finos take place. In addition to that, the IGV (=International Gaited Horse Association/Germany) also hosts several shows a year with classes for Paso Finos.

Typical classes for Paso Fino horses are Country Pleasure, Pleasure, Performance and Classic Fino. In Pleasure and Performance the horses are being shown in Corto, Largo and a flat walk. The Pleasure horse (like it's name already says) should be a Pleasure to ride and to watch, easy and smooth to ride yet with Brio. The most emphasis besides the clear four-beat gait is on the horses manner's. The Performance horse is required to show more Brio and temperament, it's gaits are more animated and more collected. In the Classic Fino division the horses are only shown in Classic Fino, alternating with stopps and additional tests like the figure eight. In each class the horses have to go over the sounding board (a wooden board) which makes it easier to hear the footfall of the clear and correct four-beat gait.

Besides the typical Paso Fino classes there are also many specialty classes such as several Dressage classes, Trail, Versatility, Three Gaits, Four Gaits and Natural Gaiters. These classes demonstrate the Paso Fino's incredible versatility and offer a chance to compete also to Paso Fino owners who's horse isn't the typical show horse but more the family-friendly trail companion.