June/July 2012

Beginning of June we got our second Coton Puppy: "Fleurie von den Allgäuer Gipfelstürmern", a half-sister of Bisou. Fleurie is full of energy and makes us laugh more than once a day. Pictures of Bisou and Fleurie can be seen here. Christiane Slawik, a well-known professional photographer, shot the beautiful pictures during the Fiesta 2012.

Paso Fino FiestaFrom June 29 to July 1, 2012 the Paso Fino Fiesta took place at the Sternberghof. There were many very nice classes. We took Brujula, Amistad and Marquesa with us. Even though it was extremely hot during the first days and unbelievably wet on Sunday, we had a lot of fun and our horses presented themselves very satisfying. Here are the results:

Amistad (shown by Britta):
Performance 7th and Performance Amateur 2nd place, Classic Fino 2nd place

Brujula (shown by Britta):
Dressage Freestyle 3rd place, Pleasure and Pleasure Amateur both 1st place

Marquesa (shown by Johanna Paul):
Performance 4th and Performance Amateur 3rd place

Thanks to Johanna for a really nice presentation of Marquesa!

Of course we are very proud of the presentation of our horses and really enjoy them a lot.

La Mamba Negra was bred to Eldorado de Ojos Azules mid of June. So we are expecting the fourth foal of Mamba mid of May 2013. We are excited to see the result after Mamba up to now brought us three black fillies.